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Toby Dash Lamps on Bentley Le Mans Special

Photo of a beautiful Bentley Le Mans vintage car interior showing the dashboard
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In a world inundated with futuristic, high-tech dashboards, the allure of a vintage car dashboard endures. There’s something inherently captivating about the vintage car dashboard—a symphony of dials, knobs, and gauges. It’s more than just a utilitarian instrument panel, it’s a work of art, a visceral connection to the vehicle, an integral part of the driving experience and the part of the vehicle that you the driver interact with. Michel had put a lot of meticulous work into the dashboard of his Bentley Le Mans Special car and wanted a pair of period dash lamps to set it off.

Michel chose the Toby DF5 Dash Lamp in gloss black to illuminate the dials and provide the option of a map reading light for the passenger. We look forward to seeing the rest of the car, judging by the dashboard it is going to be stunning.

Photos: Michel Vock, Switzerland

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