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Our team has decades of experience with parts for vintage and classic vehicles. We develop and commission parts, as well as manufacture and assemble here in Malvern. Toby Vintage is not just another box-shifter. An understanding of materials and process, with a passion for perfection. Whether you are browsing our site or visiting our shop counter, we are always willing to share our knowledge and understanding.

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WR13 6NP


Monday – Friday, 9AM to 4:45PM

01684 210886

Popular Questions

Yes!, we have a shop counter at our stores, open weekdays 9 to 4:45.
Directions from Motorway
We are 15 minutes from Junction 1 of the M50. Drive North and cross the river at Upton upon Severn, immediately turning right. At Hanley Castle turn left onto the B4209 and pass through the village of Hanley Swan. We are located in the second business park on the left. We are in the far corner – part of Vintage Supplies. If you reach the 3 Counties Showground you have passed us.

You will receive an email (from to confirm receiving the order.

You can log in to “My Account” (next to Toby Vintage logo, lop left). We will email tracking information, and the delivery timeline for the custom build Toby headlamps.

Please contact as soon as possible via email or telephone and we will be pleased to help. Please see full Terms & Conditions, as well  Returns & Conditions at the foot of the page for full details.

Chromium and Nickel plating both give a hard, resistant finish. Nickel has slightly warmer, golden look to it, while Chrome tends towards a bluer shade of silver. Chrome is slightly harder (resistance to wear), where as Nickel has slightly better corrosion resistance. Both require occassional care and it is really a choice of a traditional, warmer appearance or a more modern finish. See this mirror for examples of Chrome and Nickel plating

Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The powder is held by an electrostatic charge until curing in an oven. The finish is thicker and tougher than conventional paint. This finish was not available when these products were originally made, but gives conventionally painted appearance, is longer lasting and more cost effective.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc (and sometimes other metals to improve various properties). Brass is known for its excellent workability, machinability, and resistance to corrosion. Brass Era is an American term to encompass veteran or Edwardian cars when a lot of brass was used on the hand-built “horseless carriages” of the time. The high cost of brass has seen its demise in favour of cheaper steel.

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