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The Toby name has been applied to some of the finest lamps and mirrors to adorn vintage cars for nearly sixty years

John Mitchell

The Toby name has been applied to some of the finest lamps and mirrors for vintage cars for nearly sixty years. John Mitchell founded Toby to manufacture authentic reproductions of selected early CAV and Lucas accessories including his renowned Diver’s Helmet and Torpedo lights. John was a skilled brass worker and past President and Chairman of the Veteran Car Club of Great Britain. John used his knowledge and experience to handcraft his products from the finest materials, with spun, cast and turned components assembled by hand into superb recreations, all featuring a medallion with the mark ‘Toby Mitchell –Toby – London’ 

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Toby advert from a Vintage Sports Car Club publication 1971

Paul Beck's Vintage Supplies

John’s work was taken forward by Paul Beck’s Vintage Supplies in Norfolk over 20 years ago, with the company’s dedicated team of craftsmen continuing the manufacture and development of Toby products. Vintage Supplies is now part of the Vintage & Classic Spares group and has re-located to Malvern in Worcestershire with many of the staff. Toby products continued to be produced.



With vintage headlamps and their components becoming harder to find in a condition suitable for restoration, the Toby range has now been extended to include a selection of the most popular pre-war headlamp designs.

The newly created L140, L148, L150, L165 and L166 range of headlamps from Toby are faithful recreations of Lucas designs from the period, offering 8, 9 and 10 inch options suitable for hundreds of vintage cars from manufacturers including Armstrong Siddeley, Austin, Hillman, Jowett, Lanchester, MG, Morgan, Morris, Riley, Rover, Singer, Standard, SS, Talbot Triumph and Wolseley. The lamps are available with the full range of original options including black and chrome shells, diffused and fluted glass lenses, bi-flex bars and bracketed or hinged stone guards. They can be supplied with incandescent bulbs or LED lights at 6 or 12V.

The lamps are configured to order, with small batches of heavy gauge brass spinnings, bronze castings and hand crafted fittings prepared and finished with care to your specification. Please get in touch with us for further details or browse the website for more information on the making of our lamps, available options and vintage car lighting generally. In addition to showcasing the exclusive and growing collection of Toby lamps, horns and mirrors, this website also features a selection of the huge range of authentic automobile accessories available from Paul Beck Vintage Supplies, established in 1971 to maintain the supply of specialist parts needed for the care of veteran and vintage vehicles around the world.

The new range of lamps is made in England to the same exacting standard as the Toby Diver’s Helmet and Torpedo lamps, appreciated by vintage car enthusiasts and professional restorers around the world for many years.

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