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Period correct motoring accessories

Traditional Craft

Detailed reproductions by skilled artisans

Exacting Standards

Appreciated by enthusiasts and professional restorers worldwide
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Exceptional British Craft

Vintage Headlamps, Rear Lamps, Mirrors & Horns

Authentic, high-quality short-run reproductions of hard-to-find accessories for the vintage motoring enthusiast and professional restorer. 

Popular Toby Products

Popular Categories

Side-lights, Wing-lights & Combined Indicators

Red stop & tail lights, many available with indicator functions

Rearview mirrors, wing mirrors and spare-wheel mounted mirrors

Freestanding headlights, long-range spot-lamps & fog-lamps

The Right Stuff

We use authentic materials and original processes with painstaking attention to detail to bring you the “right stuff” for your prized vehicle.

Toby Vintage makes high quality, authentic reproductions of vintage and classic motoring accessories. If a product can be updated for safety or functionality then we will offer that option.

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Made with Love

We develop and produce products for vintage vehicles - not just a box-shifter

Heritage Quality

The best materials and components we can find combined with premium finishes

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