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Toby Rectangular Rear Lamp ST52

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New from Toby, an attractive addition to the vintage rear lamp range with a different shape and design. Equivalent to the Lucas ST52 lamp, this lamp is strongly made throughout, with a black enamel or thick chrome plate finish onto the steel body. With ‘stop’, tail and number plate illumination, this lamp was originally designed to fit centrally over a number plate, though one lamp on each side of the car were often fitted – one over the number plate and the other over a GB plate, or now UK.

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Three bulb holders allow the lamp to be configured with two bulbs in the tail lamp section for extra illumination and to safeguard against bulb failure. The lamp is very similar in design to the Raydyot ST4 model and in size and function to the Ford-specific rear lamp E04A-13407 and its aftermarket equivalents, the Raydyot ST5 and Eversure 570.


Mounting Type

Rear mounted 5mm studs, 86mm centre to centre


Black Enamel, Chrome Plated, Replacement Glass Only

Bulb Base Fitment

2 x BA15s small 10W bulbs, 1 x BA15s small 5W bulbs




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