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Windtone Horns Pair


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The classic Lucas-type Windtone horns. Early wind tone horns as fitted to many British cars of the 1940s and 50s, making a robust yet musical ‘hoot’. A quality reproduction of the Lucas WT618 under-bonnet model of the wind tone horns. Supplied as a matched pair of high and low notes (marked H & L inside the trumpet flares).

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Compact, lightweight classic horns with a black finish.
Fitted brackets with 6mm holes at 32mm centres.
We recommend using a relay as the pair requires approximately 16amps at 12v in operation. The high and low notes are created by the lengths of the coiled horn tube. The notes differ by an interval of a major third. The WT614 was the earlier model superseded by the WT618. The two models were externally almost identical, the later model having some internal wiring improvements, notably to the contact breaker and terminal block. There were also changes to the horn diaphram which made the WT618 louder than the original model.

Note – Some budget cars were originally supplied with just the “low” horn, with the additional “high” horn being an optional upgrade!



Fitted brackets with 2 holes


Each horn approx 160 total length. Dome 128mm diameter




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