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L148 Projector Headlamp 8 1/2″ PAIR


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L148 Projector Headlamp 8 1/2" PAIR £1,295.00

An authentic reproduction of the 8 1/2″ Lucas L148 type large headlamp used on a number of British cars in the 1930’s and 40’s, including those manufactured by Morgan, Rover, Talbot and Wolseley. This lamp has the same rim and reflector as the L140, but with a significantly deeper lamp shell. Supplied as a PAIR of lamps.

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We have worked with our specialist suppliers to re-tool these lamps from original Lucas lamp patterns. The bodies are spun in 18 gauge brass, with the reflector and bulb holder assembly, lamp rim and hinged stone guard rim (where fitted) in 20 gauge brass. The ball shell mounting base is lost wax cast in bronze. We finish all components in our workshop before polishing and plating, then final assembly. Lamp shells, rims and stone-guard rims are chrome plated. Gloss black powder coat or polished brass/bronze finish is available by special request. The reflector finish is silver plate as standard. Cast bronze rim catch arrangement as original. We offer a choice of incandescent or LED bulbs. Overall diameter 8 1/2″, glass aperture 7 1/4″, overall depth (excluding lens) x”. Offered with upright mounting arrangement or with a ball shell mounting base fitted at 35 degrees from upright, to valance.

The lamp shell is fitted with a recessed chrome-on-brass ‘Toby’ medallion, as used on our finest period lamp and mirror recreations. ‘Toby Mitchell – London NW1’ is the mark Vintage Supplies has applied to its authentic reproductions of select CAV and Lucas pattern lamps and mirrors for over 30 years, continuing the manufacture and development of John Mitchell’s high-quality ‘Toby’ branded product range.

These superb lamps are available in a range of options:

  • Difusa’ or two styles of Domed and Fluted lens – Diffused glass lenses have a finely pitted surface on the inner side of the lens, that makes the beam more uniform, wider and deeper. They stop only a small amount of light compared to plain, clear glass lenses. They give a softer appearance, with light that covers a wider area, noting it does not penetrate as far.  Diffused glass lenses were replaced by fluted lenses, which refract a wide angle beam of light while providing good long-distance illumination. We offer two types of domed and fluted lenses for this lamp – a fully fluted ‘U’ flute design lens and a half-fluted/half-plain lens. Lamps with flat, diffused glass lenses feature an angled return on the rim aperture. Lamps with domed and fluted lenses feature a flat rim.
  • Bi-flex bar – This bar, which spans the reflector and obscures the bulb, is cast in bronze and then chrome plated. It features a spun and polished aluminium auxiliary reflector on the rear of the bar, to aid long-distance illumination. The front centre section houses a polished brass ‘Toby’ badge, along with BI-FLEX, LONG RANGE wording. Bi-flex bars are only offered with domed and fluted lens options so that the centre detail of the bar is visible in the clear section of the lens – so please select one of these designs from the lens drop-down option box if you would like Bi-flex bars.
  • Reflector finish – Silvered reflectors as standard, providing the best standard of lighting performance with incandescent bulbs and LEDs.
  • Mounting angle – These lamps can be specified with upright mounting or with the ball shell mounting base fitted at 35 degrees from upright, to valance.
  • Stoneguards – The lamps are supplied without a stoneguard as standard. We offer a choice of fitted stoneguard options, all handmade in brass with chrome plate finish – our CA800 series flat guards, with 18 gauge spun rims, traditional pattern brackets and polished stainless steel nuts and fixings – offered with standard or narrow rim, and hinged 20 gauge stoneguard rims with hand-made hinges and bottom catch fittings. All guard styles feature 16 swg brass wire mesh (approx. 12mm aperture) soft soldered into the guard rim. The mesh on hinged guards is flat for diffused glass lenses and slightly domed for the fluted lenses.
  • Lighting options – The lamps come fitted with our 853 part number BA15D double contact bulb holder, which can slide in and out the socket in the rear of the reflector to aid the focussing of the light beam. Please select your desired lighting option: incandescent bulb – 6V 36/36W, 12V 36/36W or 12V 45/35W, or LED light – 6 & 12V Dip & Main with integral lens (diffused glass lens only) or dip/main 6V or 12V LED with shield (any lens and Bi-flex)



All Chrome, Black with Chrome Rim

Mounting Type

Upright – Base Mounting, 35 Degrees from upright

Beam Type

Diffused, Domed & Fully Fluted, Domed & Half Fluted


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