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1130 Type Sidelamp

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1130 Type Sidelamp £76.70

Our most popular sidelamp. The Toby recreation of the Lucas 1130-type streamlined wing lamp is available in a number of different configurations to suit hundreds of vintage and classic vehicle applications. These lamps feature a finely crafted chrome-on-brass body, tapered as the original lamp, and with either a moulded plastic lens or a frosted glass lens in a chrome-on-brass rim. Sold individually.

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Size: Body approx 100mm long x 46mm diameter. The lamp bodies are available plain, with telltale ‘red dot’ or fitted with neatly curved, chrome on brass Toby medallion.
Bulb holder options are for a BA15D (double contact bulb), or two wedge/capless (T10) bulbs.

This gives the following configuration options:

  • Sidelight (White Only) – 5/21w BA15d bulb with one bulb twin contact bulb holder (only connect the 5w filament or replace with single filament bulb). 12v or 6v
  • Sidelight (White) with USA WHITE indicator – 5/21w BA15d bulb with one twin contact bulb holder.12v or 6v
  • Sidelight (White) with AMBER indicator – 5w T10 wedge + 21w Amber T10 wedge with twin bulb holder (12v only)
  • Sidelight (White) with AMBER indicator – Combination LED bulb with single bulb holder (6v, 12v, 24v)

NOTE – The combination LED bulb may require an LED Flasher relay (as they draw such a low current that many traditional flashers will “hyperflash” ).





Mounting Type

Base Mounting, 2 bolts

Finish Options

Chrome plated on a brass body

Bulb Base Fitment

Wedge T10 or BA15d

Badge Options

Plain, Toby Medallion, Red Dot Tell-tale

Bulb Holder Options

Single – double contact, Two – wedge/capless


Sidelight Only, Sidelight with USA WHITE Indicator, Sidelight with AMBER indicator (2 x wedge bulbs), Sidelight with AMBER indicator (1 x LED bulb)


Order processing typically takes 1 business day for most items. For Toby Headlamps (L140, L148, L150, L165 and L166) all components are kept in stock, but your order may need special configuration. You will receive a confirmation email with a dispatch date (typically 7-10 days for custom configuration).  >Full details

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